Spec Studio is a collective of design researchers based at the UTS School of Design. Although our practices are varied – book design and illustration, creative code, cross-platform storytelling, information visualisation, virtual environment design – our research converges through shared questions and methodologies. Collectively and in collaboration with researchers in the humanities and natural sciences, we explore how critical design practices might: cultivate a sense of belonging to a place and/or community; activate ecological responsibility/agency; visualise and materialise complexity.

Studio members

Zoë Sadokierski’s practice-based research investigates the evolution of books in the digital age and narrative approaches to ecological communication.


Monica Monin is an artist, designer and teacher. She is currently undertaking a PhD at University of New South Wales Art & Design. Her research and practice investigate the poetics and materiality of code and digital processes.


Gabriel Clark is a visual communication design practitioner and academic whose expertise is in motion design, digital photo media, comics and multiplatform storytelling.


Andrew Burrell is a practice-based researcher and educator exploring virtual and digitally mediated environments as a site for the construction, experience and exploration of memory as narrative.